#100HappyDays Project: Week Eight

#100HappyDays Project: Week Eight
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It’s been a rather turbulent week in my residence. It started well, had a good middle, and a good end…so I guess I should smudge over the days of hell in between caused by the big child swinging about like an almighty moody wrecking ball.

The good bits mainly centred around Moo, who turned one on Wednesday. Like the exceptional mother that I am, I went to work and paid some nursery staff to look after her, but I only cried the once then pulled my big girl pants on and got on with my day. By all accounts she had a fabulous time, with a tea party and masses of cake, and my husband and I promised that we’d do something spesh with her this weekend.

We had planned to go to Longleat, but sacked it off because it takes a good hour to get there, and on Saturday morning my husband needed to run 17 miles and I needed to buy a new handbag and some head lice treatment. Priorities and all that. So, despite the weather forecast looking murky at best, we plodded off to Paultons Park which is about five minutes down the motorway and heinously expensive once your child hits a meter tall.

The ticketing guidelines state that all children must be measured with their shoes on, so I opted for the flattest, most thin-soled ballet pumps imaginable and hey presto, Mouse got in for free. Spring is in the air and I predict a growth spurt (maybe a consolatory by-product of the head lice?) so I imagine this was our one and only time to save £31.75.

We frogmarched with all the purpose of two parents determined to ‘just have a nice day out for once’ towards the pastel-hued arena that is Peppa Pig World. I don’t know if they have a PPW anywhere else in the country but it was 1. rammed and 2. actually quite gorgeous. I slag off Peppa (mainly for only being five minutes an episode) but I realised today I’ve become quite affectionate towards perhaps 15% of the cast. Peppa herself is a mardy little fuckbag, much like my own child.

Anyway, I discovered sadly today that the Miss Rabbit’s helicopter ride and Grandpa Pig’s train don’t quite cut it for Mouse anymore. She pissed herself (not literally) with exaltation at the Cat-O-Pillar coaster that I flatly refused to go on because it looked fast and scary, and got in a strop because she wasn’t tall enough for something even faster and scarier called The Cobra.

My little Moo though, in a big girl seat all on her own, LOVED the helicopter wheel. Look at her massive teeth and her wonky headband. She even got a good twenty minutes in George’s soft play emporium too, as the hangover from Storm Doris had one last puff over our corner of Hampshire and instantly dropped the temperature to about -6.


A nice day out indeed, topped off with dinner at a pub, before wending our way home to commence day 1 of treatment for head lice. The big child, not me. I really hope not me. Scratch scratch…


  1. February 26, 2017 / 9:39 pm

    I love this! ”Mardy little fuckbag” is actually very accurate ???? sounds like a lovely day and can’t get over how much Moo has grown. Gorgeous girl, happy birthday xx

  2. February 26, 2017 / 9:52 pm

    Happy Birthday Moo! Looks like you had a great time xx

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