#100HappyDays Project: Week Five

#100HappyDays Project: Week Five
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We’re at week five already! Only another million to go. No, I’m being unfair. I’m loving every day of this project, for reals.

I think I’m doing myself a disservice. My brain in still in back-to-work shock, and between the hours of 8am and 6pm there’s not masses of photo fodder that brings a smile to my face, to be honest. But that’s the whole point of the #100HappyDays thing, to try and claw back a nugget of joy in an otherwise fairly uneventful day.

Moo has spent four days at nursery now and by all accounts she’s handling the transition really well. I remember Mouse taking a long, LONG time to settle, wanting to be held all day and being very cautious. She’s not now, of course, she’s a right chatty Cathy and barely gives us a backward glance if we take her somewhere new. But that’s almost three years of investment, right there. I paid my dues with having a clingon.

I still leap down the nursery stairs with the sound of Moo’s wailing in my ears, and little half-moon indents on my skin where she’s gripped onto me at the handover. But one day this week, when I collected her, I stood at the door for a minute and watched her playing pat-a-cake with one of the staff. She was laughing and shrieking and she looked as if she was owning it.

She’s still got the arsehole with me, mind. She eyes me a bit warily, as if she’s not sure whether I’m sticking around or scarpering. I can’t make her understand, and I can’t reassure her that tomorrow or the next day I don’t have to work and I’m all hers. I guess this is where routine and habit come into play – gradually, because we’re all still learning the ropes, but we’ll all slot into a pattern.

Until then, I get expressions like this. Can’t blame her, really.

See you next week!

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