#100HappyDays Project: Week Six

#100HappyDays Project: Week Six
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Now, the context to this actual photo is rather different from what I’m going to talk about today – but for background purposes, Mouse was a total swine on Saturday. 

Let’s just say that the absolute luxury I’ve been afforded up until now of my husband taking both girls to do the food shop every Saturday has come to an abrupt end. “I don’t care if I have to go at 5am, she’s not coming with me any more.” he said, as he effed and jeffed around our kitchen looking for the pack of angel cake slices that Mouse had “packed”. We think she left them on the conveyor belt at Aldi after the whole so-desperate-for-a-wee-that-the-security-guard-opened-the-staff-loo incident, following a series of momentous tantrums in the aisles.

Following a further series of strops at home, she was dispatched to bed for a while to think on her behaviour and have a bit of calm down time. She was then all sweetness and light, and I took this photo of her right before the tricky “where are the cakes?” conversation unfolded.

Moo is one next week, and so I’ve been doing the whole sentimental thing of going through my thousands of photos of her. Before her, my camera roll is all about Mouse. My original main wingwoman. In my head, she’s exactly as she always has been, not really changing much since she hit 18 months. I guess that’s how it goes, as a parent – they’re the same, the same, the same….then suddenly they’re getting married or something and you wonder how the hell it all happened.

I watched a video of her, which I took two days before Moo was born. She was dancing around to one of her music toys, and she had a mullet hair cut (sorry) and jeans that were too big (sorry). She was clumsy on her feet and she had little pudgy fingers, and she didn’t really speak. At the end of the video, when I had a little chat with her, she didn’t enunciate her words particularly well.

She’s changed SO MUCH in a year. It makes me wonder how I could have missed it all.

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