#100HappyDays Project: Week Ten

#100HappyDays Project: Week Ten
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I know, ten whole weeks already! We must surely be done with this Happy Days thing now, right? No, because I keep skipping days and so I’m still lingering around Day 60, gah.

I keep skipping days because I’ve quit chocolate and I’m pissed off with life, but more on that another time. Anyway, this week has been a funny one. Monday was atrocious, which I largely blamed on my body going into an anti-chocolate state of shock. Tuesday and Wednesday didn’t fare much better, and on Thursday Moo had her one year jabs.

Four massive fat needles into her skinny little thighs. It was not fun. I didn’t cry – mainly because I’m not the cry-at-injections sort of mum (badass) but also because I had Mouse pissing about in the nurse’s room opening cupboards and trying to knock over the sharps bin. It’s really very hard to clamp a wriggling, screaming baby down when she’s realised exactly what’s coming up, at the same time as bollocking an almost four year old and trying to maintain a level of small talk with the nurse so that she thinks you’ve got your shit together.

After that, and a placatory milky bar for both children (sigh), we plodded off to meet my mother in law for lunch. Mouse and I had an argument on the way, and there were tears, and there was a refusal to either walk OR go on the buggy board. I managed to get lost by taking a detour and ending up in a shitty housing estate, and at one point I had to look skyward and count to ten.

Then, the magical and overwhelmingly calm draw of Nana loomed, and all was suddenly right with the world. I think sometimes you just need that balance of another adult to even out the odds, and give a bit of sanity to proceedings. Plus the girls adore her and generally tend to dick about slightly less under her watch, so it gave my cross voice a break.

Moo was slightly lacklustre and it took her about an hour to eat three Skips, so Mouse set about launching her own personal cheer-up squad and it was pretty cute. She picked up Nana’s handbag and minced around, and made me laugh for the first time all week.



  1. March 12, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    Ahh, bless Mouse for operation cheer up! On another note I can’t believe you have given up chocolate! I can’t decide if I admire your decision or if I think it is utter madness 😉 However, this is coming from me, my friend reminded the other day how I always used to have my breakfast at work, it was a Crunchie bar. *Hangs head in shame*

    • March 12, 2017 / 9:01 pm

      There are probably worse breakfasts…maybe! I have a friend who used to stir real butter into baked beans ????

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