#100HappyDays Project: Week Thirteen

#100HappyDays Project: Week Thirteen
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A week ago, I sat in the exact same coffee shop that I’m sat in right now, with a significant lack of writing mojo. I knew I wanted to write SOMETHING (it was my sole reason for escaping the house) but I didn’t know what.

I put a carrier bag on top of my laptop and went for a wee (yeah, because an Asda bag for life is really going to deter a laptop thief, right?). When I got back, a line popped into my head and I decided to wang out a quick poem. Why the hell not? Poems are easy when you don’t feel the pressure to make them rhyme.

Anyway, said poem turned into a post called Treasure, which I wrote in direct response to some feedback I’d had from an earlier post about the true cost of childcare. It seemed that the first post hit the nail on the head for a lot of other parents, as well as nursery staff and owners. It had really made me challenge my previous assumption that us mums and dads are the only ones impacted by the cost of nursery and pre-school.

As a writer, I do sometimes churn out some shit. I know that some of my posts are a bit sketchy because the words haven’t quite flown, or I’ve been too time pressured to give something a nice polish. But with this one, I knew it was exactly what I wanted it to be. I sent it to a couple of friends for a sanity check, tidied up the formatting, and scheduled it.

When it published, I tweeted it to Mumsnet and hoped they might run it as one of their top blogs on the day, as they’d picked up the original childcare post and featured that. They didn’t.

However, what actually happened was that it got a fair few shares on social media, and I had comments. Loads and loads and LOADS of lovely comments from other mums, nursery staff, teachers, childminders and carers. And that makes me properly beam from ear to ear. So far it’s had over 1000 views, which is still very small fry, but it’s my most popular post that has been shared “organically” as opposed to being linked to from a big site like Mumsnet. That’s 800 people who have chosen to click a link that their mate has shared, and read my words, that I cried writing.

So yeah. Blogging is cool. Really, really cool.

Therefore, this photo is one of Moo from the nursery that I wrote about. Here she is, in the garden, having a lovely time with a massive dinosaur and some sensory play.


{Gratitude} #100happydays Day 82 Today’s post on my blog is my first ever poem (well, since I was about 15) and I was worried it might sound a bit wanky. On the contrary, I’ve had so many gorgeous comments and lovely feedback…one of my favourite things about writing is striking a chord with people. You never know who’s sat on the other side of the digital ether, really really needing that chord to be struck. It’s the one called Treasure if anyone fancies heading over for a read. Oh and here’s one of my kids hanging out at nursery with a dinosaur ???? (closest emoji I could source) #instahappy #photoproject #mousemoometoo #nursery #poem #poet #poetsofinstagram #prose #tryingsomethingnew #littlefierceones #letthembelittle #tribalchat #sotonbloggers #treasure #myhappycapture #rememberingthesedays #champagnenurserieslemonadefunding #earlyyears #earlyyearseducation #love #bloggerpride #writer #verseoftheday

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