#100HappyDays Project: Week Twelve (Mother’s Day!)

#100HappyDays Project: Week Twelve (Mother’s Day!)
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Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all the planning and preparation has paid off, and you’re not too disappointed. I’m slightly less hormonal this year, which my husband must be pleased about.

My list of requirements for Mother’s Day was a short one: gym session (tick), coffee (tick), cake (tick), cuddles (tick). I did fly the idea of an undisturbed bath up the flagpole but to be honest, I don’t really like baths. Sorry, Lush. The idea of a lay in went out the window too, as the clocks changed and I got even less sleep than usual. But you know, summer.

I’m up to Day 77 of this #100HappyDays project now, and I’m still enjoying it, even if I do skip the odd day because I’m in a shit mood. Some days I actually have about five contenders for a favourite photo and I know I must be nicely dosed on coffee! Anyway, on Friday this week, we went to our regular Lingotot class and the craft activity was to make Mother’s Day cards. How cute is this?


Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. You all rock x

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