#100HappyDaysProject: Week Two

#100HappyDaysProject: Week Two
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Welcome back to my new temporary series, celebrating the #100HappyDays project I’m taking part in. This week has flown by and sadly, I’ve not taken any photos to set the world on fire. Sorry.

That’s not to say we haven’t done nice things, mind. I think it’s all just been a bit full on, as our house move gets ever closer and we have less time for sitting back and smelling the roses.

So, my photo highlight from Week Two is this one of Mouse, riding the new bike that she got for Christmas. We’re still very much in the honeymoon period where she asks to take it out every day, which is all a bit annoying actually because it’s locked in the shed and I can never find the key, and because weather. The weather has been truly shite this week.

We did have a rare day of cool, crisp sunshine though, so one afternoon I managed to haul both bike and pram over the bridge into our local park that runs along the river. Despite being granted relative leafy freedom, Mouse prefers to stay “at heel” for a chat and a sing song which is quite nice, as it saves my lungs from screeching after her not to go too fast.

I did manage to hang back to capture this shot though, as the afternoon sun looked like a ball of fire while it dipped below the trees.

Mouse cycling on her new bike through the park, with a lovely sunset

You can see my daily photo highlights on my Instagram feed. It’s not too late to join in the #100HappyDays project either, if you fancy getting involved.

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