#113: Going anywhere nice for your holibobs?

#113: Going anywhere nice for your holibobs?
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Bah. It’s that time again – everyone is booking holibobs and getting ombre highlights. Since having Child #2, it is BLOODY HARD to find the spare £1k+ to go away somewhere decent…and every summer I’m baffled by the amount of spare cheddar that people manage to find for such leisurely, peak-time delights. And don’t get me started on ombre…

Our last holiday en masse was to America, over a year ago. I was very pregnant, it was very great, and we’re still paying off the credit card. This year, we joyously do have something booked – I was one click away from booking a fortnight in Ibiza in July before my husband gently suggested that we limit our stress levels and stick to familiar soil (or perhaps he was mindful if that pesky America credit card). I’ve always wanted to go to Cornwall, and lo! Guess where we’re going? Yep. Not Devon, as I erroneously Instagrammed..

I know, there’s a fair amount of “same shit, different country” when it comes to holidays. But my god, it’s so nice just to be away – even if you opt for self catering, it’s still better than being surrounded by your own four walls and the ten tonnes of child kit you’ve rammed into all usable space. So, here are some suggestions for holiday destinations that aren’t all that pricey, if you buy smart, and will still give you plenty of #trulyblessed memory making opps.

At Home

Isle of Wight

Only accessible via ferry, the Isle of Wight almost can feel like a holiday abroad, while still being in the comfort of the UK. This is ideal for those who love the beach, especially one with an old-fashioned air to it. There are many options for activities for the whole family, including the Osborne House, Carisbrooke Castle, not to mention plenty of beach activities. And the coloured sand is a rite of passage for all children’s bedroom shelves.


Popularized by Wuthering Heights, the moors of Yorkshire have a certain draw to them. There is plenty of natural beauty for the adults to enjoy, and for kids to stretch their legs in. In the town of Scarborough, there is plenty to do, such as the Sea Life Centre, penny arcades, beaches, and parks (including the brand new Alphamare water park). Plus it’s in Up North land so you can have curry sauce on your chips.


Dorset is one of the most stunning natural sights in all of the United Kingdom. It is also one of the most reasonable destinations for traveling with small children. There are lots of seaside resorts, with plenty of beach available to its residents. Kids can go fossil hunting, explore the aquarium, or take a stroll around Monkey World. And for mums, well, me…there’s always a chance you might spot David Tennant if Broadchurch happens to be filming. Nom.


Cornwall is often known for its delicious pasties that have become nationally famous. While this is certainly a major draw to the locale, the pure beauty is a huge feat that tourists everywhere flock to. Cornwall is one of the most family-friendly holidays around. The beaches and the attractions are a kids dream. Attractions like the Minack open-air theatre, St Michael’s Mount, and the Eden project are very popular with travelers of all ages.



More specifically, the West costs of the Italian island where you can enjoy incredible beaches, food, and activities for kids. Sicily has a lot to offer kids, from hiking around Mount Etna or hanging by the beach, to enjoying a show at one of the many famed puppet theatres. As a plus, the cost of living is low and guests are able to rent amazing villas in Trapani without breaking the bank. The beaches here are especially of interest to tourists, and the laid-back vibe is great for relaxing and truly taking a holiday free from stress.


France is often used as a honeymoon destination, and is seen as the most romantic country in the world. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the best holiday destinations for families in the world. Paris alone offers more for kids than perhaps many give it credit for. For parents wishing to impart some culture onto their kids, the museums and monuments in Paris can take weeks to see. If pure fun is more your family’s style, then look no further than Disneyland Paris. And don’t forget about all the wonderful crepes!


Germany is a very modern country, with lots to offer tourists from all over the world, including families. This is especially true of the black forest, where families can enjoy plenty of walking and biking paths, ski slopes, and lidos.


We’ve all seen Mamma Mia- the beautiful beaches are appealing to the romantic in all of us. Families are not exempt from the draws of the beautiful Greek Islands. Kids can soak up plenty of history, while also enjoying the sun and beach activities.  It can often be enjoyed for discounted prices, which is perfect for the laid back and budget conscious family.

So, tell me where you’re off to?

-SJW May 2017

Disclaimer: Written in collaboration with Mary. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more details.



  1. June 4, 2017 / 11:03 am

    I loved the Isle of Wight when we stayed there with school in the last year of primary! Holidays are something we’ve struggled to give the kids, especially now we have a mortgage and a bigger family. We’ve had a lot of staycations but the problem we find is that accommodation in the UK is really expensive…it nearly costs as much as going abroad!

    • June 4, 2017 / 11:55 am

      Haha me too – I fractured a finger on Day 1 ???? yes, totally agree – I find you can get good deals on self catering villas but you still have to factor in day trips and a whole bloody food shop, so sometimes an all inclusive or half board Europe deal seems like a higher outlay but works out much cheaper x

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