#134: School Run Chic

#134: School Run Chic
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Now, the time is almost nigh for the big child (who is still just a teeny weeny baby, really!) to start her journey into the big, wild world of full-time education.

I have epic mum guilt because for three days a week, she’ll be going to breakfast and after school club so that I can  juggle working and depositing her sister into nursery. I’ll be launching her headlong into the canteen, running away, and leaving her for 10 hours. It’s not that much different to how it is now, really, but I still feel rubbish.

So, it means that on my “school run days”, I want to be on it. Come 3pm, I want to be that lovely mum who does not look stressed and haggard from a ball-breaking week. Perhaps I’ll bring along a Cath Kidston coffee thermos, which will actually be filled with chai green tea. I won’t be sweaty, because I won’t ever be running late and therefore I won’t have had to frogmarch up the road with the pram, barraging unsuspecting local students out of the way. I’ll have a nutritious snack at the ready, and I’ll be receptive to all the chatter about her day. I won’t be half thinking about what I need to do for dinner, where I need to be tomorrow, and which birthday card I need to post.

I’m going to be carefree and engaging and smiley, and I’ll have a small cohort of mum friends to chat to while we wait for the flocking masses (refer to earlier point about definitely not ever being late, ever ever).

I’m also not going to look like shit, as I sometimes do when we hit the tail end of the week and I lose momentum with any previous grip on professional demeanour. Still, even at my hearty age, I’m not sure that I have a particular style. At work I definitely do, but my everyday gear is a bit of a pick and mix affair, and I never quite know which look I’m aiming for. In my head, school run mum is a little bit hipster while still being stylish. So, I’ve been virtual window shopping in the sales…


Shoes maketh the outfit, after all. You can’t wear a power suit and team it with crocs. I have some really knackered out old Converse pumps, that my Bristolian friend calls “daps”. I definitely need new daps. I love their Chuck Taylor Dainty range, as my poor chubby ankles can’t carry off a high top for love nor money. I also love anything rose gold, and these are super cute.

Converse Chuck Taylor Dainty Pumps – £47.99



Joules do a lovely range of skinny, stretch jeans – and I definitely embrace anything with a bit of stretch. Fitness aside, when you’re constantly up and down and swinging children, bags and paraphernalia around, you need a bit of “hoiking” capacity to defend against bum crack display. It’s a very real and daily struggle. I like my jeans high waisted, and these light rinse ones are a classic style.

Joules Skinny Stretch Jeans

Joules Skinny Stretch Jeans – £40.00



I do like a blouse for autumn, to give that floaty (not too sweaty) look. I normally whizz a plain vest top underneath (I have an insane amount of vests stuffed in my wardrobe). For basics, Dorothy Perkins is always worth checking out when the sales are on, and this pink blush blouse is gorgeous. And, it comes with the added perk of an incorporated necklace, meaning I don’t have to think about the finite detail of accessorising. Win!

Dorothy Perkins Blush Necklace Blouse

Dorothy Perkins Blouse – £15.00



Nothing says “seasonal weather changes” like a good gilet, to safeguard against sporadic light showers and an early autumn chill. I’m a bit in love with this Braemar one from Joules, which isn’t too heavy and has plenty of pockets for mum things like discarded hair bobbles and tissues.

Joules Braemar Gilet

Joules Braemar Gilet – £44.07



Meh, bugger it. I can never afford this Vivienne Westwood bag but it looks proper banging, doesn’t it? Totally impractical for being anywhere near children, but every mum can dream…

Vivienne Westwood Beige Belgravia Hobo Bag

Beige Belgravia Hobo Bag – £300


Will I nail the look? Hmm, I’m not sure. Check my Instagram in a few months to find out…

-SJW July 2017

Disclaimer: Via Love The Sales – all prices correct at time of publishing.


  1. Ellen
    July 27, 2017 / 12:16 pm

    Argh I am obsesssed with looking at (and occasionally buying) clothes at the moment, mainly things I can breastfeed in… even though I do own quite a lot of clothes already I really feel the need for an update! I never normally wear jeans, I’m a legging and tube skirt/dress/tunic kind of person normally but I’m wondering if a decent pair of high waisted jeans will be a good addition to my wardrobe…oh dear. I think you will nail school run mum chic! And your ankles aren’t chubby. Ed x

    • July 27, 2017 / 12:29 pm

      Breastfeeding is a very hard time for the wardrobe, I lived in stuff I could pull up with a vest top underneath! You always look gorgeous and you rock a headscarf xx

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