#141: Superfoods That Slay

#141: Superfoods That Slay
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I’ve made a few tweaks to my diet recently, in my quest to turn into an all-round powerhouse. Don’t worry, the sweet tooth game is still strong… but I’ve been dabbling in health food shop offerings and checking the protein content in basically everything. 

I thought I’d share with you a few bits and bobs that I’ve decided my diet is definitely benefiting from. It depends what your goal is, obviously – mine is to boost lean muscle mass and cut back on empty carbs. But I think these will make a solid addition to any food plan, and all are backed up by techy science research and shizz.


I could eat oats for every meal, every day. Since I had my first baby and someone told me they were great for milk production, I pretty much have consumed them daily in some form or another. They’re rich in beta-glucans, a soluble fibre that slows down your digestive system’s absorption of carbs. Not only do they keep you feeling full for longer, they also level out blood sugar spikes and keep your insulin in check.

I used to stick to porridge and flapjacks, but now I use oats in smoothies, pancake batter, granola, and my absolute favourite: overnight oats.

High Protein Yoghurt

Well, this is a weird one actually because I’m trying to cut back on dairy…but I’ve yet to find a decent high protein yoghurt that isn’t made from milk. So, we’ll plough on regardless and save veganism for another day. I’ve gone a bit bonkers over these yoghurts by Arla, which are made from quark and load a whopping 20g of protein per 200g pot. A couple of evenings each week, I used to raid the biscuit tin in need of a sugar fix. Then I decided to man the fuck up and switch to something that’s better for me, and more filling. So a pot of this, topped with berries, is a marvellous little pre or post workout snack.

Admittedly, a tub does contain almost 13g of sugar…but honestly? I was eating way more than that in digestives.

Dark Chocolate

I’m a girl, I can’t live without chocolate. I can’t. Do you remember when I gave it up in March for Dechox?! Madness. But, since then, I’ve realised that I was eating way too much of the rubbish kind. You know, the stuff that tastes good but is basically just crap in a glossy wrapper. And my threshold for it was worrying – those 125g bags? I could nail two of them in one go, easy. So, I switched to dark chocolate, in various different beautiful forms. A really good quality dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and you’ll actually want less of it, because the cocoa solids content is so high (ideally 74% minimum).

I’ve just discovered Doisy and Dam chocolate and the dark bars are heaven.

I’ve tried really hard this week with my foodie Achilles – the evening snack. I’ve steered clear of chocolate since Sunday and eaten so much bloody high protein yoghurt…so tonight I’ve got some amazing sounding dark chocolate from @doisyanddam plus some pea crisps and a mug of decaf coffee because no booze. And Today at Wimbledon. Rock on. #darkchocolate #eveningsnack #snackgoals #doisyanddam #newchocolate #wimbledon #iloveyouroger #saltchocolate #discipline #motivation #friyay #yum #treats #everythinginmoderation #aimhigh #mousemoometoo #fridaynight #boozefreemonth #minidetox #cleaneatinggoals #highprotein #beantocup #decaf #fitmum #thismumcan #runmummyrun #strongnotskinny #runnersofinstagram #fitmama

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Chia Seeds

Another little something that I stuff into all sorts of recipes, sweet and savoury. They’re really high in vitamins and minerals, and 20% of their composition is protein. They absorb liquid and expand, without turning soggy – I mix them with rice or couscous with our evening meals, and I heap a spoon into my overnight oats. They’re fab in baking too, as their taste isn’t too overpowering – think slightly bitter nuttiness. Amazing little buggers.


Matcha is basically very potent green tea. Green tea in itself is renowned for being a bit epic, thanks to being rammed with antioxidants, but Matcha is like the super Hulk version. I have to admit I didn’t get on that well with the teabags I tried from Pukka, as I found them a bit tasteless and bland. But. it did encourage me to snaffle out some Matcha powder, and I’ve started adding this to smoothies and oat recipes. It’s strong, you’ll definitely notice the potent tang, but it contains ten times the antioxidants found in a normal cup of green tea. Boom.

So that’s it – the staple superfoods of my everyday diet. What do you swear by?

-SJW August 2017

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