#152: Coping With Sudden Hair Loss

#152: Coping With Sudden Hair Loss
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I’ve written before about how hair loss has affected my family, primarily with my husband, who suffers from Alopecia Universalis. Admittedly my hair-related problems aren’t quite as severe, but for a growing number of people here in the UK, sudden hair loss is a genuine issue.

From those suffering under cancer treatment, to those with Alopecia and hair loss from stress – anyone can be hit with the issue of sudden hair loss. So how do we cope? It’s a tough one, but there are ways in which you can move on and live your life to the fullest. The following are just some of the ways in which you can cope with the sudden onset of hair loss. If you have a proven remedy or mechanism for coping with sudden hair loss, we’d love to know your story in the comments below.


Many professional companies, such as Minoxidil2U offer hair loss treatments that contain FDA – approved ingredients, including those said to stunt hair loss and aid in the regrowth of new hair follicles. Elsewhere around the world, home remedies such as onion juice scalp massages have helped those struggling with hair loss to grow new hair…But we’re not too sure about that one.

Hair loss is no longer a taboo either, today you can buy semi permanent wigs at hairdressers (which they also style for you!) so please don’t despair. There are so many ways you can remedy your sudden hair loss if you find that it’s getting in the way of your social and personal life.

Although finding the best remedy for you can be difficult, you will never be happy with your self image without…

Accepting your hair loss

This is important. Although hair loss can be treated to a certain degree in natural hair loss causes, sudden hair loss can be a huge blow to your self esteem. However, talking to loved ones and finding people in similar situations to you could be the key to help you come to terms with your hair loss.

It can hard to accept what you can’t change. However, you will never be able to move forward if you cannot accept your current situation. If you find that your sudden hair loss is making your depressed, you may find that speaking to a doctor or therapist will ensure you move on in a healthy way.

Moving Forwards

It can be hard to get past the issue of sudden hair loss, however it is possible. If you’re struggling right now, talk to someone you love about your issues – you’re never alone and there are ways to rectify your situation in more ways than one.

Disclaimer: This is a paid guest post written by Gina Kay Daniel.

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