#160: Waterproof Clothes for Children – A Review

#160: Waterproof Clothes for Children – A Review
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So it’s raining. Of course it is! This is England, 2017. However, this is also me. Outdoors Mum. We don’t really do rainy day snuggles in front of the telly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that I would go absolutely spare. No, instead we don the waterproof clothes and get the hell out.

Also, our lives are off-the-scale hectic now. School runs and nursery runs can’t be compromised, and due to where we live (riiiiiiiiiiight in the city centre), I refuse to drive to either end point. Plus, you know, fitness. Ergo, come rain, shine, or high winds, we walk 99% of the time.

We still have a combined sum of six little legs between us though (contrary to popular belief, I’m a bit of a shorty). A quick dash out of the rain doesn’t always go to plan, and on more than one occasion after being caught in a Southampton monsoon, I have literally barrelled us all en masse into the shower as soon as we’ve got home.

So when Dry Kids asked if I’d like to try out some of their waterproof clothing for children, I bit their hand off. I had a look at their site, and chose some matchy matchy pink all in one suits (retailing at £12.95 each). They arrived super fast, and I was really impressed with their look and feel. I opted for 18-24m for the small child, but I went up a size for the big child (opting for 5-6yrs) and I know it’ll fit her for a good two winters to come.

Children's waterproof clothing by Dry Kids

They’re waterproof, obvs, but they’re also very lightweight which means they can be worn over a full outfit without feeling too heavy on little arms and legs. The wrists and ankles are elasticated but form a decent seal to prevent any errant rain leakage, and the leg bits can easily tuck into wellies. The hood is a generous size as well – god, SO MANY times I’ve had to walk with one hand holding up the hood of the big child’s anorak because her head is oddly large and she favours sticky outy bunches.

Waterproof Clothing for Kids All-in-One

They’re made from polyester, so they can be washed with no bother. Imagine if you couldn’t wash a waterproof all-in-one? I know right… Plus, the piping detail is reflective, which is perfect now that our post-after-school-club-trot-home is almost in full dark.

Other colours are available – there’s a very fetching green, but the big child was having none of it. At this juncture I’ll point out that I have nothing against pink, at all. I’m all about the choice. If I had a little boy, and he chose a pink outfit, fine. If my eldest had chosen the blue suit, also fine. Like I said, choice is key, and I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. There’s a fabulous campaign called Let Clothes Be Clothes which I’d encourage you to have a gander at. ANYWAY, pink chat over.

These are superb little suits and I’m really happy with them. £12.95 is fantastic value too, considering it looks likely that they’ll be in them most days this winter!

Mouse in her dry suit at the new park

-SJW October 2017

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