#161: Christmas Shopping with UncommonGoods

#161: Christmas Shopping with UncommonGoods
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Well, happy November everyone. As soon as the Halloween sweets have been eaten and the pumpkin duly composted, we all know there’s one great looming monolith on the horizon. I am, of course, referring to Christmas. Ever the bah humbug type, I’m planning to avoid the shops and hunt down my Christmas gifts online.

I can’t do Christmas shopping in actual shops. They’re too busy, and hot, and every corner of every plinth is festooned with so much CHRISTMAS that I just want to run away. I did run away one year, in fact. Best Christmas ever. No, I’m all about the online shopping, which is so easy that I can whizz up a quick order at the same time as brushing my teeth.

I recently heard about a website called UncommonGoods. Based in America (but with UK shipping, obviously), their products are all ethically sourced and support local artists and designers. They also donate $1 from each order to a nominated charity, with a total donation of over $1m to date. What I REALLY like is that a third of their collection uses recycled or upcycled materials, which is very cool with me.

So, I spent a thoroughly pleasant hour browsing through their gifts section to try and snaffle out some good present ideas for my beloveds. Here’s what I came up with…

Big Child (aged four and a half)

A fact about Miss E – she loves dinosaurs. The scarier the better. No, seriously – we were given a book years ago about baby dinosaurs and she can pronounce the 20 letter names better than I can. I found this dinosaur duvet and pillow set in the Christmas gifts for kids section and she would have all the crazy dreams going to sleep surrounded by those scales.

Dinosaur Bedding

Small Child (Aged almost two)

Food is big news to the small child. She’s like a little human dustbin, and will exclaim that everything is “hot hot”. Even if it’s just actually warm warm. She’s very cute. She’s also been using her sister’s ratty old hand me down Peppa Pig melamine crockery since we weaned her, and so it’s about time she got something of her own. She would love this construction plate and cutlery set although mealtimes would probably take three times as long.

Construction plate and utensils


Husband (aged quite old)

He is a really tricky one. This will be our fourteenth Christmas together, and it’s pretty hard to keep coming up with new ideas. He loves running, so running kit is always a failsafe, but sometimes it’s cool to get something quirky and different, isn’t it? There are loads of gifts for men on this page and I reckon I’d be onto a winner with this Beer Cap States bottle cap holder. Ohio is the state we have very fond memories of (#Clevelandisthecity #RepresentCle #OtherSuchHashtags) so that would be a perfect choice. Note – I know this image isn’t Ohio. Don’t hate.

Beer Cap States


Well obviously I get a present, silly! I never buy jewellery for myself these days, and so it’s something that I really like to receive as a gift. I can be quite sentimental, and for years I’ve been after one of those necklaces that represents each member of your family. This one is beautiful – it’s handmade, and the message on the card is gorgeous.

Silver rings necklace

So there we go! Four items, perfect for me and my brood, all delivered to my door without me having to change out of my pyjamas. Perfect Christmas gifts, perfect shopping.

-SJW November 2017

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with UncommonGoods. All views and opinions expressed are my own. For more detail about the way in which I work with brands, please see my full disclosure policy.


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  1. December 17, 2017 / 12:06 pm

    The construction plate is lush! I personally love uncommon goods too it’s all ethically sourced, original, and as a b-Corp company they are dedicated to looking after their employees rights, which is not something I’d usually consider until I read about it but now I do wherever I shop. They have some genuinely great stuff on their website don’t they! 🙂

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