#56: Always Say Your Peas and Mangoes

#56: Always Say Your Peas and Mangoes
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Avid readers (well, maybe just one reader) may recall my previous post about starting to wean Moo.

I must confess to letting things slip slightly – it turns out that poor neglected second child syndrome is an actual thing – and I may have been less diligent and by the book than I was with Mouse. By which I mean I’ll let her devour the best part of a crumpet and a whole banana for breakfast, followed with a couple of breadsticks and half a digestive for her snack.

Time to get this Ocado delivery van back on the tarmacked road of glory. My friends over at Infruition asked me to write a blog post for them about fruit and veg portion sizes according to age, and I thought I’d share it with you here, too. Then I’ll see it in black and white every time I open my website and have to stick to it.

A sort of happy catch-all guideline is that the size of your child’s closed fist denotes a portion. But you can’t be yanking your little one’s hand up onto the kitchen counter every time you prepare a meal or snack, so I’ve put together some examples. These should help you to shoehorn in the daily allowance without too much guesswork.

Find your child’s age range below, choose one item from each box (or combine a couple to provide the same amount), and there you go. Easy peasy.

Children aged 1-3: 3 tbsp of fruit and 3 tbsp of veggies

BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinner
1/2 small banana1/2 small apple1 tbsp carrots2 dried apricots2 tbsp broccoli
1 tbsp blueberries1/2 small pear3 sugarsnap peas2 dates1 tbsp peas
4 strawberries1/2 satsuma5cm length cucumber1 tbsp raisins2 tbsp cooked carrots

Children aged 4-8: 4 tbsp of fruit and 4 tbsp of veggies

BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinner
6 blackberries1/2 orange1/2 pepper in sticks6 baby carrots3 tbsp diced swede
8 raspberries10 grapes, sliced lengthways2 stalks of celery1/2 small banana2 tbsp sweetcorn
1 small apple1 small peach1 beetroot4 prunes2 tbsp baked beans

Children aged 9-13: 6 tbsp of fruit and 8 tbsp of veggies (9 tbsp of veggies for boys)

BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinner
2 tbsp blueberries2 plums1/2 pepper in sticks2 tbsp dried mango1/2 a sweet potato
1 peach10 chunks of melon6 radishes, halved1 pear6 asparagus spears
1 small banana1 kiwi6 cherry tomatoes, halved10 cubes of pineapple10 fine green beans

Children aged 14-18: 7 tbsp of fruit (8 tbsp of fruit for boys) and 9 tbsp of veggies (10 tbsp of veggies for boys)

BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinner
6 dried apricots16 grapes3 tbsp rocket leaves10 cherries4 tbsp spinach
1 large banana1 medium apple10 cherry tomatoes1 nectarine4 tbsp cauliflower
1/2 grapefruit8 strawberries1/2 avocado1/2 mango2 medium parsnips

Did this help you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

-SJW November 2016

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  1. November 4, 2016 / 9:01 pm

    This is so useful as I’m pretty sure Emma doesn’t have enough fruit or veg! Hope it gets easier as she gets older…at the moment it feels like a protest against all “proper food”. Eek! xx

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