#60: Literally Dreaming of Dreams with Sun-Pat

#60: Literally Dreaming of Dreams with Sun-Pat
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Don’t you find that there are certain conversations and lines of questioning that your children will trot out repeatedly? The unspoken rule is that you’re not meant to deviate from the script.

The standard issue morning conversation Chez Wills is what we all dreamed about the night before. I (apparently) dream about cupcakes. Daddy dreams about football. Moo dreams about Booby Milk. Mouse dreams about fairies. I tell you what, if I actually SLEPT enough to dream about anything, let alone cupcakes, I’d be on cloud nine all day.

Anyway, the lovely people of Sun-Pat recently got in touch with me to help spread the word about a competition they’re running, which will give two people the chance to experience their dream for the day. Sod the children, I’m totally stealing this one. I dream about sleep.

I would definitely not tick the “sedentary” box in those nosey parker lifestyle questionnaires. From the moment I fall out of bed, I’m on the go, and it’s only when I stop for breath that my delicate little brain starts to whimper and start longing for that most halcyon of pre-parent-infinite-student joys, the lie-in. How I would LOVE for someone to descend with a magic stopwatch to pause life for an hour, and guide me into a room with a mammoth king size bed, a fluffy feather duvet, and Egyptian cotton sheets. It would be late spring, and the window would be open, with a soft breeze to make the curtains float about lazily as the world wakes up. I’d be left to my own devices, liberated of my phone, children, and that ever growing to-do list. I’d be free to wallow in my own farts, dribble on the pillow, and kick the duvet off my feet, all of which are highly unattractive traits. The breakfast show on the radio would give way to the mid-morning show without me even knowing.

Sadly, this is unlikely because I have a child who likes to bugger around at any given time between midnight and 5am, for a feed that is totally variable in length and unpredictable from one night to the next. Yet, she’s somehow always awake and ready to party by 7am. So, I look at ways to fuel my way through another ball-achingly long day. Caffeine is a resident feature, but I’m also a big fan of peanut butter in an assortment of guises. When my husband is marathon training, I’ll do an army-sized batch of pre-run peanut butter protein balls, using oats, chia seeds and crunchy PB with some plain yoghurt and honey to bind it all together. These no-bake puppies go in the freezer for an hour to set.

If I’m chasing my arse to get out of the house before 10am (gah!), I’ll whizz up a peanut butter and banana smoothie in the blender, using more oats and almond milk for extra protein. A decent afternoon snack for me and the girls is peanut butter spread onto celery sticks, which delivers enough of a boost to tide me over until dinner.

My staple has to be peanut butter on brown toast though. Crunchy, with seeded bread, for extra roughage. To be gobbled up laying in my bed of dreams, at 9.30am, crumbs going everywhere because I just don’t care.

What would your dream be? Sun-Pat is offering two people the chance to experience their dream for a day alongside Olympic hero Adam Peaty or TV presenter Helen Skelton, with eight runner-up prizes of a year’s supply of Sun-Pat Peanut Butter and a £1,000 donation to a local group of their choice. Want to be in with a chance of winning? Head over to the Fuel Your Dreams page and tag #SunPatDreams in your entry. The competition closes on Wednesday 16th November 2016.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Sun-Pat and I was sent some lovely peanut butter to enjoy. All whimsical dreams are my own.

Peanut butter on a slice of brown toast

-SJW November 2016

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  1. November 14, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    Oooh my go-to breakfast is a smoothie and I have never thought to put peanut butter in there. I have clearly never thought to do that because my brain is barely functioning in the morning but I will be trying this in my next green breakfast smoothie!

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