#71: A Little Mid-December Detox

#71: A Little Mid-December Detox
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Come on then, what’s your mince pie tally so far? I’m on four. Opened that selection box of nice biscuits yet? Mine was scoffed after Halloween. How many mulled wines have you had? Ooh! I’ve had no mulled wineage yet. Just half a bottle of sherry. 

December is BRILLIANT for basically being a fat pig, guilt free, but it doesn’t half make you feel like shite after a while. My friends over at Infruition asked me to write a piece for their blog about detoxing, and it made me think about the importance of a stop-gap in amidst the Christmas festivities. Nothing drastic, just a helping hand for your liver that doesn’t come from a packet over the counter in Boots.

Now, I really dislike like the concept of a detox being an emergency deployment strategy for weight loss. Too often, “detoxing” is a way of dressing up the act of depriving, purging, and reducing. Instead, I think that it should be about nurturing, boosting and bolstering. Especially in the depths of winter too when you can catch the lurgy by doing an air kiss to the postman (genuine eventuality in my life).

So, in case you need more of a sales pitch, here are five handy reasons why we should all be detoxing. For mega points, you can read this selection of water infusions that I put together, if you’re so inclined…

Prevention of Chronic Illness

Every day, we are exposed to various environmental chemicals related to our lifestyle and atmosphere, ranging from pollutants, waste, and preservatives to UV rays and positive charged ions. They can be stored for years in tissues and cells throughout the body, but a detox diet involving clean eating can really help to reduce the amount of toxins that our bodies retain. This reduces the likelihood and severity of chronic illness and disease caused by such toxins.

Boosts Immune System Function

When our immune system is compromised, for example when the seasons change, we are vulnerable to coughs, colds, and bugs that are transmitted through airborne particles. While a detox won’t make us completely off-limits to these nasties, a regular immune system boost will help our bodies to fight off germs quickly and efficiently. We may find that we still get poorly occasionally, but we bounce back quickly without having to raid the local pharmacy for symptom relievers.

Promotes Mental Clarity and Engagement

A detox will encourage all of the body’s key systems to work together in unison, reducing the misalignment that can sometimes occur if we’re eating poorly, working excessive hours, and not getting enough sleep. When our main components are in harmony, we can achieve a higher level of focus, with increased attention span and elevated energy levels to help us to cope with a busy lifestyle. Because our body and mind will be working in unison, we’ll also enjoy restful, quality sleep – our brains release a “wind down” message to the nervous system, which our limbs quickly respond to.

Improves Skin Tone and Condition

The toxins in our environment, and those which we take in through our diet, can have a negative effect on the condition and tone of our skin. A poor diet and lack of natural daylight can lead to a sallow, pale complexion and leave us prone to spots and blemishes. A good detox will rid our bodies of impurities and encourage cell regeneration. Any foods high in vitamin C should form a staple of our detox as vitamin C promotes the development of collagen, which improves skin elasticity and fights the aging process.

Metabolism Booster

Yes, the humble detox plan can help to shift excess weight. But this is true of taking on ANY water-based drink: fluid (the right kind) is brilliant for flushing toxins through the system and warm water in particular will boost our metabolism. This is because our digestive tract needs to work a bit harder to process anything at a varying temperature to our internal body heat. The process of this will burn extra calories too.

What do you reckon, detox or double decker?!

-SJW December 2016