#89: I Bet You Didn’t Know…

#89: I Bet You Didn’t Know…
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Well now, I don’t believe we’ve done a “get to know me better” feature for at least three months. Who knows just what might have changed in that time?

To be honest, probably not much, and I’m still fairly uninteresting. But hey, you must be reading this for a reason. My friend over at Left Back At Home NCFC has nominated me to share with you ten facts about me as me, and not me the blogger or me the celebrity chef or me the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Or me as Mrs Tom Hardy, which I’d wager is about as likely as me winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe I could win the NPP for services to keeping Tom Hardy clean and out of prison? Yes, yes let’s do that.


  1. I like red sweets. Red wine gums are my favourite. I once considered sending Maynards a pitch to release a limited edition red-only pack called Redz. Some time later, they brought out Red n Blacks, which riled me because not only did they steal my idea, they made it WORSE by contaminating all that lovely fake strawberry flavour with all that disgusting fake blackcurrant flavour.
  2. Before I got legit good at running, I was legit atrocious at it. I did a 10km race once and was easily last, to the point where at the 7km marshal point the guy was pretty much packing up to go home. Dizzy with exertion and blinded by sweat, I misjudged the course and veered off, ducking down an unmanned path for 100m and picking up the route at 9km. I therefore didn’t come last and I had no shame about cheating.
  3. I shared a glass of wine on the train once with Gail Porter. Remember her? I was 15 at the time. I should have dobbed her in for supplying to a minor, but instead I enjoyed the wine and dined out on the story for…well, 17 years.
  4. I eat peppers like they’re apples. I literally see no point in slicing them into sticks, if we’re talking snacking context. I’ve left many a colleague incredulous but I’m telling you, it’s the way forward.
  5. I have a freakishly short life line on my palm. When I was a girl, I resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably therefore die when I got “halfway old”, and I specifically remember capping this as being 20. So, I’ve done quite well against that little benchmark, but isn’t it scary how small people see not-even-that-old people as really-bloody-old?
  6. Does your brain ever fill in the gaps between two things that are largely unrelated, but hover around the peripherals of your grey matter from time to time? Until very recently, I genuinely thought that Mother Theresa was Babushka – the one who tells the three wise men where they can find Baby Jesus in the nativity story. And what of it?
  7. I can sense a change in weather via my bunions. I might delete this one, actually. I tweeted something about my bunions once and got a VERY enthusiastic follower with an unhealthy interest in all things pieds.
  8. I went through a phase when I was younger of thinking that Fleur and Cleopatra would be the BEST names for my future daughters. Er, they’re perfectly lovely names but I thought better of it.
  9. I’m the weird one who likes crispy, burnt bits of food, and slightly underdone, stodgy pasta. A lasagne that’s been blasted on a very high heat for half an hour and is therefore a little bit raw but also singed on the top – now that’s my idea of food heaven.
  10. I HATE, as in truly cannot stand, descriptive crockery and home furnishings. I’m talking your mug that says “coffee, rich, smooth, mmm, sip, refresh”. Your plate that says “pasta, pizza, nourish, yum, tasty”. Your shower curtain that says…well, actually just your shower curtain. They’re disgusting in their own right.

So that’s me! I’m nominating these lovelies to have a go next:

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The rules:

  1. Namecheck me
  2. Tag some other people
  3. Enjoy

-SJW February 2017

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  1. February 24, 2017 / 8:37 am

    Thanks for the tag. I feel you on the running front – I did a half marathon and was so slow that at mile 9 a woman who was definitely in her 70s walked passed me with a medal obviously on her way home. I was also beaten by someone dressed a poo. That was my one and only race.

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