#90: Let’s Talk About Flex, Baby…

#90: Let’s Talk About Flex, Baby…
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No, I’m not on about Mother Pukka and her right to flexible working campaign, although I’m well in amongst that too. I’m talking about a new home workout website that makes exercise accessible and social for busy bods.

Now, I am a gym lover – that’s common knowledge. But thanks to the childrenfolk of my world, I can’t always get to the gym. Certainly not as often as I’d like. Does this mean I sit back and eat biscuits? Yes. Well, no. I look at other ways to feel the burn. I’m a big fan of a couple of YouTube channels, but I seem to have exhausted most of their content and I was looking to change things up a bit. Did you know that doing the same workout routine repeatedly eventually renders it useless, as your body anticipates the movements and your muscles get lazy? True story.

So, when the guys at Flex TV got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out their site, I said yes please. It’s a clever concept – classes are streamed live, every day, at different times. The classes are varied and there are loads of different session leaders with differing specialisms and expertise. The classes differ in length, and by submitting your interests, the site will give you some great suggestions to try.

One gym sesh I’ve had to hack back is my Saturday morning one, because I’m a good little wife and my husband is marathon training, so he likes to go out at an insane hour and wrack up 20 miles using Parkrun as part of his route. But I’ve found that if I gather up enough noisy toys and the Leap pad, I can just about bribe the girls with distraction to sit and play nicely on one side of the room, while I check my bad self before I wreck it on the other wise. Sometimes when I’m doing crunches, Moo will come and climb on top of my stomach and slap my face and / or dribble on me, which offers a lovely sensory vibrancy to the whole thing.

Anyway, with this in mind, I decided to make Flex TV my new Saturday morning workout jam. I’ve tried a few different classes, but HIIT is my favourite. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and it works for me because it’s maximum impact in quite a short amount of time. I won’t lie, it’s hardcore – but it certainly gets the job done. There’s a fab workout that the site offers called “Fat Massacre” but at an hour long, I think the girls would be climbing the walls.

There are also classes for dance, pilates, yoga, barre, strength and toning, pre and post-natal, and the elusive “other” which thrown up tantalising things such as “fusion kettlebell barre”. Hell yeah!

The point I’m trying to make here is that you throw into the mixing pot your requirements: How do you like to work out? What do you want to strengthen? What days suit you best? How long does your schedule allow? Flex then offers something to get you moving, no excuses.

Because the classes are streamed live, you’re actually more likely to join in and stay in. Previously, with my YouTube efforts, I’ve paused a workout so much that half an hour has taken double that. When it’s live, and you have an actual person barking at you in real time, it’s a pretty strong motivator. And if you were so inclined, and you had like-minded friends, you could both sync into the same class and then chat about it afterwards. I’d never do that because I’m a solo exerciser and I don’t have any friends, but that’s not for here.

It’s competitively priced, too – £4.99 per month and limitless classes. Considering I spend that on Maltesers ever week (ahem), I don’t think that’s too steep given the range of classes. Do you fancy having a go? Take a look at the website and see if something takes your fancy. No cheating, now.

-SJW February 2017

Disclaimer: Flex TV kindly gave me a free 12-month subscription in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. For further detail about my work with brands, please refer to my full Disclosure Statement.


  1. February 28, 2017 / 9:59 am

    Ah this sounds fantastic and so easy to fit into your life rather than finding time to go to the gym! I’d love to try HIIT but I’m worried I might die ????

  2. March 1, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    Oh Sam this sounds like something I should check out. I am definitely less fit this year than last year and really noticed it when we went skiing. It’s just such a pain to fit things in when I’ve really only got the 2.5 hours that Jane is at preschool. It makes it easy to be lazy. Thanks for the tip!

    • March 2, 2017 / 8:25 am

      I completely know – children and general house stuff take up a ridiculous amount of time and it’s so easy to get waylaid with jobs for an hour. Drudgery at its finest ????

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