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Well, this blog started in May 2016, a few months after I’d popped out my second baby. Once the post-partum flu had subsided (that was a barrel of laughs, I can tell you), I realised I needed something ELSE to keep my brain going. So I began to write. I wrote while breastfeeding, pushing the pram, waiting for my children to nod off… I wrote and wrote and wrote, and a few people began to read.

After about a year of writing about my children, I started to dabble in writing about my fitness, too. I’ve always been a mad-keen gym bunny type, but I didn’t know if my readers would be particularly interested in hearing about it. But, as it turned out, I discovered a beautiful world of other parents who are committed to goal setting, working out, nutrition and wellbeing. So, this is my niche. I’m a mum, and I’m a fitness type. Sometimes my posts are exclusive to each field, sometimes they overlap. And I love it. I love this balance that I’ve somehow managed to create.

Oh yeah – my children. Two girlies. Unless by accident, I don’t tend to use their real names throughout my site – so the Big One is Mouse and the Small One is Moo.

That’ll do it I think. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, please like and comment and share and all those lovely things that might make me famous. If you’d like a chinwag, you’re very welcome to email me: hello@mousemoometoo.com or click here to use my contact form.



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