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This page is going to read a bit like a one-woman award show, sorry. But I think self-promotion on your own website is kind of ok, and if I can’t do it here, then where can I?! So, here’s where I’ve been featured…

Who I Blog For

I’m the BritMums Round-up Editor for Health, which means I have the downright pleasure of requesting that bloggers send me their posts relating to mental and physical health and wellbeing. I produce a monthly highlights post to share my favourite submissions and help to raise the profile of the featured bloggers. You can read my posts here.

I’m a blogger over at the Huffington Post. You can view my profile and read my published posts here.

I’ve recently joined the Smile Squad at You Have To Laugh, which is a new spangly website managed by some of my brilliant blogging friends. You can have a little look at the Squad here. You can also read my terribly funny interview for them.

I blog for Parent Co, and you can read my posts for them here.


I belong to the most amazing group of blogging friends who go by the name of #TribalChat. We have almost 1000 followers and it’s a wonderfully supportive community in our little corner of the blogosphere. In September 2016 I was given the Rising Star award, which made me shit my pants with glee. Then, in January 2017 I won the Helper award, which I guess means I’m of use to someone, somewhere!


The wonderful Travelbag featured me in a round up of top long haul travel tips in June 2017 – happy holidays!

I’ve written quite a few posts about being a working mum and returning to work, and BritMums featured my post about working mum life hacks in May 2017.

My poem to all the lovely people who work in childcare was featured in the March Poetry and Prose Round-up for BritMums.

I was recently the featured blog on You Have To Laugh with my post about that devilled hour of 3pm. They also featured my ode to the nursery school bear, when he came to mi casa for a wonderful week of enrichment.

My post about, er, a very near miss road traffic incident was as one of Mumsnet’s Featured Posts on 31st January 2017. Mumsnet also picked my piece about the horrendous escalating cost of childcare as a best post on 3rd March 2017.  

One of my blogging heroes, Absolutely Prabulous, featured this post about my husband’s struggle with alopecia as part of her #BlogStars series. You can read her post here. In her April 2017 #BlogStars, she included THAT road traffic near miss post too.

She also featured me in a lovely ranty post to mark the start of 2017. When Prabs rants, she’s AWESOME! This one is about blogging gripes and you can read it here.

My post about our evasive social conscience was featured as Mumsnet’s Blog of the Day on 11th November 2016.

My post about blocked ducts and breastfeeding was featured in the November edition of the BritMums Breastfeeding Round-up, which you will find in full here.

I have been featured in two BritMums Newbie Showcase Round-ups, happy dance! You can read the July Roundup post here. The September Roundup is right here, if you’d like to read.

The beautiful Bridie By The Sea included me in her “What I’ve loved reading this week” feature on 9th July 2016, as well as some other fab blogs that are well worth a look.

The uber talented Min from Single Mum Speaks mentioned me in her “My Favourite Bloggers” roundup on 25th July 2016, which made me all giddy and proud!

Louise at Little Hearts, Big Love interviewed me for her Parenting Pep Talk series on 4th August 2016. You can read all about me as well as some brilliant other bloggers that have featured.

Debbie at Random Musings featured me as part of her Blogger Spotlight series on 5th August 2016. It’s a Q&A so please take a look and get to know me a little better!

Bridie By The Sea honoured me again in her “What I’ve loved reading this week” feature on 9th September 2016, with my nervy-haha-nervy post about applying for a school place.

Blogging Guest Spots

I’ve been lucky enough to have been featured on some other absolutely cracking blogs. Here’s a list, with links so you can go over and have a gander.

I was featured in The Squirmy Popple’s guest series called Flexi Mamas – you can read what I had to say, here.

The gorgeous Emma at Island Living 365 kicked off her amazing The Mother Feminist series on 4th November 2016 with my post about what feminism means to me. Intrigued? You can take a look here.

I collaborated with The Unsung Mum on 10th October 2016 with a post about annoying gym types, which you can read right here.

Rachel Bustin featured me on 30th July 2016 as the first guest blogger in her New Mum Stories series with my Me vs She post. You can read it over on Rachel’s site, here.

Life, Love and Dirty Dishes writes a fab Rookie Mistakes series and I was lucky enough to be featured on 20th July 2016 with my Injuries post. Have a look at Claire’s version here.

Petite Pudding featured my roundup of all things great (well, kinda) about the humble garden centre as part of her new blog showcase series on 13th July 2016. You can read it here.

One of my faves, Mumzilla, featured my trip to the Health Visitor as part of her #InnerMonologue series on 4th July 2016. You can read it here.

Brand Collaborations

I am a Brand Ambassador for Infruition, who make a fantastic range of water bottles with immersed chambers for all sorts of lovely flavour infusions. You can read my review of their Mini and Kids Bottles here, and take advantage of the 15% discount that I can offer my readers. They featured my review as part of their Infruition Kids Challenge blog on 5th August 2016.

This is what Infruition have very kindly said about me, for only the very smallest amount of bribery:

“From the moment Sam reached out to us, we could sense she was a mother with a purpose. Frightfully honest, or to put it another way, genuinely authentic. She took a great interest in what our brand stood for, not just reviewing our products, but coming back to us to provide tips and tricks that other little’uns & parents would find useful – who goes to those lengths these days?! She writes in a creative, no-nonsense way, making every piece of content so conversational that I feel her audience are in the same room as her. Anyway – it’s all concluded in the fact that Sam has nudged her way forward to become our official ambassador for our Infruition Kids range – the range we left at the back of the cupboard gathering dust, but of which she has lent some energy too and of which we have decided to re-launch. Now if that isn’t a feat, I don’t know what is.”