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They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I say it’s not who you know, but how well they feed you. This week, I was lucky enough to be sent some brownies in the post, and by Christ I held a vigil by the letterbox on that day.

I’ve known Hannah for a while, as we have little people who are the same age. At a party once, for about 30 assorted then-babies, Hannah rocked up with several boxes of themed cupcakes. “These are a bit good,” thought I. “Kind of make my sunken, over-bicarb’d fairy cakes look pretty shit”. Then, of course, I realised that Hannah is a professional baker, and it all made sense.

Based in Southampton, Hannah launched Hannah Banana Bakery in 2011. Her cakes and bakes are 100% vegan, and 100% AMAZING. She regularly exhibits at fairs and shows along the South Coast, and she’s recently launched her postal brownie service which means that everyone can get a slice of the vegan love.

She said that she’d send me a box, and I deliberately didn’t check out her website as I wanted to be surprised. Hey, you don’t get many surprises for free in this life. How do you feel, dear reader, about the humble unicorn? I may be almost 33 (sadface) but I LOVE me some unicorn. Takes me right back to My Little Pony, with added keratin. So, when I opened the packaging and saw this, I actually squealed. I took a photo of it (er, not this nicely staged shot) and sent it to no less than three work colleagues, who replied with suitable “nom”, “jel” and “UNICORN!!!!” statements.

Shows a package of brownies by Hannah Banana Bakery

So this bad boy is a double chocolate chip brownie topped with homemade rainbow marshmallow, sprinkles, edible glitter flakes and a fondant unicorn. See how pretty?

Shows a foil tray of chocolate brownie with unicorn icing

My husband is something of a devout carnivore and has so far scoffed at all my casual mentions towards a vegan lifestyle, which is a very real and genuine lifechoice I’d like to make. His first question (because he’s a man and could not be seduced by the edible glittery fondant unicorn) was “does it taste vegan?”. Well, it tastes like a fucking immense chocolate brownie, was my response. Dense and moist and fudgey, with melt in the mouth marshmallow that isn’t too sickly sweet. With a double shot Americano to wash it down with, I was pretty much on fire for the rest of the afternoon.

Shows a slice of brownie on a plate

Hannah’s brownies are priced at £12.50 per box (a box gives 6 generous slices) plus £4.50 postage for up to two boxes. All boxes are beautifully wrapped and securely packaged too, so unless your postman is trying out for the local rugby team, your order will probably arrive in tip-top shape. She has seasonal recipes plus old favourites too, so you’ll always stumble across something new to try. Also, she lists all allergens on her website, so I know that my unicorn brownie contained wheat and soya. And fairydust, because unicorn.

Close up of Unicorn icing

Please do take a look at Hannah’s website, anyway. If you’re local to Hampshire, she makes the most stunning celebration cakes for collection from her bakery. If you’re not local, try a brownie – I promise you won’t be disappointed. A quick squizz at her Instagram feed and Facebook page will get you drooling fo ‘sho.

-SJW April 2017

Disclaimer: Quite obviously, I received a tray of brownies in return for this review. All opinions are my own. For further information about my work with brands, please see my full Disclosure Statement. Unicorn til I die.

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