#92: Just call me Mrs Mop…

#92: Just call me Mrs Mop…
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Purveyors and worshippers of all cleaning materials unite – is there such a thing as too many mops? I have a new addition to my mop family, a Vileda Supermocio XL mop, bringing my grand total to four. Yes, four. 

It’s mainly because I’ve just moved house and I’m all keen and zealous that we MUST KEEP THIS HOUSE NICE. Under no circumstances should crumbs and general child detritus be allowed to fester, especially in the kitchen. Come into my house and stand still for too long, and you’ll likely receive a light spritz of some ethically-sourced plant-based chemical-free multi-surface cleanser.

Back to my mops, though. My hallway and living room floors are lovely, oaky-style, possibly actual-oak. Those boards get the full on polishing treatment with an enormous mop head that resembles a Puli. Upstairs, my bathroom floor is a) huge and b) new, so I have a special sponge-squeezy thing with some sort of lever-trigger action that’s quite satisfying, until I forget to bring the bucket up and end up having to squeeze dubious grey water into the bidet. Yes, I have a bidet. Yes, we use it for giving our water-resistant dolls and rubber ducks a pool party. No, I’ve never used it as an actual bidet. Maybe as a birthday treat…

Anyway, on Saturday things get steamy, and I crack out the Beast. Steam cleaning is possibly my most favourite thing ever, but it can be a bloody great faff and I find it works best on floors that are already semi-clean. So my new mop baby, the exotically named Supermocio XL by Vileda, helps me bridge the gap between the vaguely-disgusting and look-how-sparkly states of my hard surfaces. The mop head has 3 main cleaning functions: red non-scratch scourer zone for stubborn dirt, blue microfibre zone for removing greasy residue, and 3D red dots for extra hair and particle pick up. The wringer squeezes out excess water really well without dripping all over the place.

I won’t lie, I don’t love housework. Especially when the nature of my wonderful children means that I’m cleaning that bloody kitchen floor twice a day. But while my new house is a novelty, I’m trying to be a good person and keep it looking akin to a showroom, lest my landlords send a spy round and bring shame on me for my scuzzy tiles.

-SJW March 2017

Disclaimer: I’m sure you can tell that I received a Supermocio XL mop from Vileda to review. As far as mops go, it’s pretty good, and if it wasn’t I would tell you. For more information about how I work with brands, please take a look at my full Disclosure Statement.


  1. March 4, 2017 / 12:44 pm

    Oh I need a bit of your cleaning motivation as our kitchen floor seems permanently filled with crumbs and toddler detritus ???????? the mop sounds great and I do love Vileda xx

    • March 4, 2017 / 1:46 pm

      Ah thank you lovely! I know, I’m summoning up the energy to clean the floors as we speak…

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