Monthly Highlights: There Goes…February

Monthly Highlights: There Goes…February
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January was hardcore. March will be hardcore (more on that later). So thankfully, my February was like a piece of unicorn fairy bread amidst a dry spell of clean eating.

Have you ever tried fairy bread, btw? Kids love it – it reminds me of the sugar sandwiches my Grandad used to make me. Literal sugar sandwiches, on dirty cheap white bread with real butter. Anyway, January was full of house move and return to work rubbish, and February was basically full of Moo turning one. I know! I could hardly believe it either.

Off the blog…

So yes, my VBAC baby had her first birthday, and I spent the day in a mildly distressed state because I went to work, and paid some nursery staff £50 to look after her. I promised myself that I’d be ok when I dropped her off, but I was in tears as soon as I pressed the buzzer. I swear to god, I’ve cried more in 2017 so far than in most of my teen years put together. She did have a very lovely day, as I knew she would, and they made a total fuss of her. Now, when Moo hit six months I did a snazzy infographic on her development, and I also wrote a post about weaning her onto food. So by rights I should have written something about this momentous point in her life, but frankly I’ve not had the time. So here’s a summary about what she can and can’t do:

  1. She can’t walk yet. This is fine, Mouse didn’t walk until she was 18 months so I reckon we have a good while yet.
  2. She needs a haircut, badly. She has a very unfortunate double cowslick so her “bangs” either hang over her eyes or over her ears. I refuse to pay a hairdresser to cut about 6 wisps but I’m slightly reluctant to go anywhere near her with scissors, as she’s a writhing little bugger.
  3. She hisses as a sign of affection.
  4. Ditto slapping around the face. That’s how I know she’s really happy, when I get a sticky hand coming from stage left at great speed.
  5. She’s learnt to say “ta” when she’s given something. If she wants something and she’s not getting it, she’ll point at you and then point at the object, repeating “ta, ta” with escalating volume.
  6. She’s still in 6-9m clothes and, I realised the other day, in Newborn vests. Sizes be whack.

On the blog…

It’s been a really good month for me, post wise…not necessarily experience wise. At the back end of January I wrote about a horrific near miss that I had with the girls while crossing the road. Mumsnet picked it up and featured it on their front page, which is always a massive confidence boost even if the post itself was hardly cheery. I got some amazing support from it though and it did actually help me to process some feelings, if I can write that without having to hide behind a cushion because it’s a twatty statement.

Another post that was well received was this one, about adjusting to life as a working mum having spent a year on maternity leave. Thankfully the pieces are starting to slot into place now and I feel far more in control of my days – I guess the routine is becoming part and parcel, rather than a set of stressy processes that need to be learned. Moo settling into nursery so well has been a catalyst to my own adjustment, and I love how happy she is. I also love that the staff bring the two girls together regularly – a mum friend has daughters the same age as mine, and the other day the four girls had a little tea party together in the baby room which sounds gorgeous.

Oh, I also went to see Room on the Broom at my local theatre which was FANTASTIC. If you’ve not tried out the theatre with your brood before then I’d highly recommend it. Don’t worry about them kicking off – everyone does it. In fact, Moo managed to squirt water AND throw her sock over the guy in front and he didn’t even bat an eyelid. My purse did get nicked though….jokes.

My favourite read…

One of my favourite writers du jour is Min from Single Mum Speaks. She’s bloody hilarious and I’m also girl crushing all over her at the moment, which is the main reason I’ve read this post about 6000 times because it’s full of photos of her. This post is about the very sad and somewhat shonky demise of American Apparel, which I admit I’ve never set foot in. But regardless, this post is very funny.

My favourite vlog…

My friend Emma at Island Living 365 is training for the Moonwalk at the moment and I’m loving her updates. I love Emma generally, she’s one of the kindest and funniest bloggers I know and she writes magnificently. She’s really watchable too and her training recaps are ace.

My favourite photo…

Er, can I drop in something else about Moo’s birthday before you all get really pissed off? I got myself in a royal state about this bloody cake, because I was SO tempted to just buy in. Frankly, I haven’t got the time for showstopper cakes anymore but I’ve always made Mouse’s from scratch so I thought it was only fair that I extend the same courtesy to Moo. Look how good she turned out!! I Insta’d the bejeesus out of this with zero shame.

A little pre-warning about March. I’m giving up chocolate (I fucking KNOW!) for the British Heart Foundation’s DECHOX 2017 campaign. I still think I might just bung them £100 and drown myself in Malteser juice, to be honest. Watch this space for pendulous mood swings and abject misery, anyway. But then, all the lean. Or maybe just a sugar sandwich.

Have a good month!


  1. Ed
    March 11, 2017 / 10:32 am

    I love that Moo hisses and slaps when she’s happy ???????? Bless her, 1 already – madness. Her birthday cake is AMAZING, you’re so bloody clever!

    Super proud of your mumsnet blogs of the day, you are fabulous!

    I am still in awe of your dechox-ing, wishing you lots of luck!!

    • March 11, 2017 / 12:02 pm

      Thank you my lovely! What the hell do I do for a cake when madam turns 4 in May?!?!

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