#MouseMooMeToo Cowprints

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Cow Phone Case

I take reasonably crap photos, I’m sorry. I only ever use my phone camera, and I’m not very patient with composition and getting the angle right. My galleries are what you might call “raw”, “rustic”, and “heavily filtered”. Still, as part of a new feature, I’m planning to choose my favourite photo from my week (or month, if I’m busy) and showcase them here with a little description or anecdote. Exciting, right?

If you fancy seeing more like this, then please feel free to come and find my Instagram page. Not wishing to spoil the illusion, but my feed comprises average-Joe photos of my children, cakes, alcohol, and vaguely pretty scenery. Plus oddly tenuous shots that I can link to my blog post titles as featured images. David Bailey I ain’t. Cute though…

1: Megawatt Smile – 12th July 2016

2: All the Fun of the Fair – 18th July 2016

3: Parklife – 24th July 2016

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