Work With Me

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The world of blogging can bring some unexpected surprises, and the biggest of all is how much I enjoy working with other bloggers and brands, be it through guest features, reviews, collaborative posts or copywriting. I hadn’t really given this a great deal of thought when I started, as my chief modus operandi was “publish follows write follows anecdotal experience”, and this didn’t really expand outwards to include third parties.

But I love working with others. I’m flattered when an established blogger expresses an interest in featuring me, and when I’m approached to roadtest a product I feel giddy with excitement. Going forward in my career*, I want to work with writers and brands who compliment my existing style, who I can resonate with, and who I’d happily shout from the rooftops about.

Do you think we have something in common? Would you like to feature me as part of your guest series? Or perhaps you’re a company who thinks that I could be a good advocate for your product line or service? If so, I really would be pleased to hear from you. You can reach me via email at, or by completing the contact form below.

Looking to work with me in my capacity as a freelance writer? Take a look at this dedicated page. Or would you like to read more about where I’ve been featured? This page is for you.

Finally, please see my Disclosure Statement page if you are interested in working with me. 

*Yes, I totally just called this a “career”. Aim high.